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About the authors

Grant Naylor is a gestalt entity occupying two bodies, one of which lives in North London, the other in South London. The product of a horribly botched genetic-engineering experiment, which took place in Manchester in the late fifties, they try to eke out two existence's with only one mind. They attended the same school and the same university, but, for tax reasons, have two completely different wives.

The first body is called Rob grant, the second Doug Naylor. Among other things, they spent three years in the mid-eighties as head writers of Spitting Image; wrote Radio Four's award-winning series Son of Cliché; penned the lyrics to a number one single; and created and wrote Red Dwarf for BBC Television.

They have made a living variously by being ice-cream salesmen, shoe-shop assistants and by attempting to sell dodgy life-assurance policies to close friends. They also spent almost two years on the night shift loading paper into computer printers at a mail-order factory in Ardwick. They can still smell the cheese 'n' onion toasties.

Their favorite color is orange. Red Dwarf was an enormous bestseller when published as a penguin paperback in 1989. Better than Life was the not very long awaited sequel.

Red Dwarf Character Profiles

Here it is, the long (long, long, long,.........) awaited character profiles to go with the series.

Dave Lister

The Cat

Arnold J. Rimmer


Red Dwarf Scripts

Series 1 :

Series 2 :

Series 3 :

Series 4 :

Series 5 :

Series 6 :

Series 7 :

Series 8

Palm Pilot Version

The Space Corp Survival Manual

The Space Corp Survival Manual provides many useful hints and tips to help you survive a disaster situation. Here are some of the more important chapters:

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