Red Dwarf Profiles

Full Name : Kryten 2X4B 523P

Species : Series 4000 Mechanoid

Marital Status : Single

Occupation : Service android; duties include cooking, cleaning and general dogsbody.

Former Occupation : Service android aboard the ‘Nova 5’; duties include cooking, cleaning and general dogsbody.

Origins : Manufactured by Diva-Droid International. Overrode built in obsolescence function to stay with Red Dwarf crew.

Education : Programmed when assembled with a number of skill chips.

Further Education : Has been taught by Lister to rebel and lie by showing him such films as Rebel without a cause and Casablanca. As a result is really getting the hang of ‘Lie Mode’.

Skills : Has learnt to pilot Starbug and passed the pilots examination. Speaks fluent Esperanto. Excellent sandwich-maker (uses a set square). Taught to play the piano by Ace Rimmer. Scrubs a mean gusset.

Hobbies : Work. Watching Androids. Sleeping.

Musical Tastes : Enjoys Copacabana (uses this tune when he is offline).

Heroes : Programmed to respect and obey all humans. Looks up to Lister, who posses all the qualities he most respects and admires in humans.

Alter Egos : Jake bullet, Sammy the Squib, Bongo in Ace’s dimension. Human for a little while.

Ambitions : To find a planet with a suitable atmosphere and grow flowers and trees in his own garden. Failing that he would love to get that really stubborn stain out of Lister's long-johns.

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