Appointing a Leader

The following section is borrowed from the "Space Corps Survival Manual".

In a survival situation, there is always the possibility that your commanding officer will have been lost in the disaster. Perhaps he will have died in an enemy attack, perished trying to pilot your ship to safety, or pehaps - as in the case of my first space disaster - he'll have tripped and hit his head in the rush to get to the grav-chutes before everyone else.

What does it matter - he's dead. You're not. So take his clothes, steal his valuables and then, depending on you mood - eat him, bury him or play hoopla with his genitalia to pass the time until your rescue.

With your leader dead your first task is to appoint a new leader.

Leadership Qualities

To identify who among you possesses the most leadership qualities, consider :

There is? The Congratulations!!! You've found your leader!

Are you a leader?

To assist in the rapid appointment of a new leader in a possible emergency survival situation, readers are requested to list the Leadership Qualities.

Name : Arnold Rimmer

Leadership Qualities : Looks good in uniform. Already has nice short 'leader' type haircut. Have been known to salute officers BEFORE they enter a room. Does GREAT General Patton impression (walk only).

Name : Cat

Leadership Qualities : If dropped form a high place will always land on my feet (unless drunk) - and frequently on someone else's. Can outrun a space weevil. Will provide own dress uniform.

Name : Kryten

Leadership Qualities : Very good at vacuuming. Superb ironer. Uh, thats it... No wait. Have commanded an army of three skutters (who voted me "Mech most likely to be mutinied against").

Name :Dave Lister

Leadership Qualities : Can drink twelve pints, two rum chasers, eat four bags of crisps and a mixed tandoori special and not throw up on anyone on the way home.

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