Red Dwarf Profiles

Full Name : Arnold Judas Rimmer.

Species : Of human origin; hologram since radiation leak. Now has a light bee that can give him limited hard light status, allowing him to touch things.

Marital Status : Single (unless you count Rubber Rachel who unfortunately has a puncture)

Former Occupation : None.

Origins : Born on Io, one of Jupiter’s moons. Refers to mother as a Bitch queen from hell; father used to put Rimmer and his brothers on a rack to make them tall enough to enter the Space Corps Academy.

Education : Sent to Io House (unlike his brothers. Blames his not becoming an officer upon this fact) Also attended Cadet School.

Further Education : Maintenance course at Saturn Tech. Has been trying for years to learn Esperanto.

Skills : Disciplined, organised, dedicated to his career. Always has a pen.

Hobbies : Morris Dancing, Holidaying in the diesel decks, Owns a collection of photographs of Twentieth Century Telegraph poles, Playing Risk (has kept a record of every game played since cadet school), Leads the skutters in Hammond Organ recital Night. (See Musical Tastes)

Musical Tastes : Reggie Wilson, whose style of Hammond Organ music has produced Reggie Wilson play lift music classics and Funking up Wagner. Reggie Dixon’s Tango Treats and several James Last albums.

Heroes : Napoleon Bonaparte, General George S. Patton (whose sinal fluid he owns)

Alter Egos : William Doyle (half brother of Sebastian), Ace Rimmer (what a guy), Dangerous Dan McGrew.

Ambitions : To get a body, to get back to Earth, and to find a woman who doesn’t want to vomit over him in disgust. His most burning ambition is to become an officer.

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