Future Contents:

Rugby Songs - This includes rugby songs from around the world, including several variations on some of the most popular songs. Some are rude, some not so...

Red Dwarf Homepage - My tribute to the classic BBC TV Series.

The Hugo Rune Homepage - The ultimate guide to the Guru's Guru

The Alternative Highway Code - For Learner drivers from all parts of Wales. Gives very good examples of how the foreigners (i.e. The English) do it.

The Nutters Guide to Solpsism - Solipsism in it's many forms

The Art of Sex'n'Violence - The secret and sexy arts of the ninja explained

The history of the Wooden Spoon

The Revised Saga of Noggin The Nog

Steve "Honorary Welshmen" and Sue's Wedding Photo's

Management Analogies

Current Film List

My Links Page


Mark's Stag Weekend in Prague

Mark and Hayley's Wedding Photo's

Dave Bates' 30TH Birthday

The Random Drinking Game