The Random Pub Crawl

The Plan

The plan is to create several zones, each of which contain 4 pubs.  A draw will be held to decide which pub(s) in a zone will be visited.  A secondary draw will decide how many beverages (1 - 3) will be consumed inside each pub. The list below highlights an example set up in Reading Town Centre, but this can be altered for any other town / city / village / etc.
The Zones / Pubs
Zone 1: Whitley
1. The Hop Leaf
The Turks Head
The Red Lion
The Red Cow
Zone 2: East Kings Road
1. The Lyndhurst
The Retreat
The Eldon Arms
The Fishermans Cottage
Zone 3a: Kings Road
1. The Back of Beyond
Copa (formerly the Hogs Head)
3. Bar Ha Ha
4. The Hob Goblin

Zone 3b: Broad Street
1. Purple Turtle
The Brewery Tap
The Sun Inn
The Allied Arms
Zone 4: Friar Street
1. The 3 B's
The Monks Retreat
The Bugle
The Hope Tap
Zone 5: The Train Station
1. The Three Guineas
The Jolly Porter
The Corn Stores
The Blagrave Arms

The Rules (Softcore)

To make the draw's easier, each pub draw will contain the numbers 1 to 4 with a number representing each pub, so are re-usable for the next draw...

Zone 3 offers the choice of either Kings Road, Broad Street or both - the actual choice will be determined on the night based on rate of travel, drunkenness, etc.

You may only leave a zone when the following two conditions are met:
1. A minimum of 3 beverages has been consumed, and
2. The drawn allocation of drinks has been consumed.
This means that in any zone, the maximum amount of beverages that can be consumed is 5 drinks.

Each zone must be visited in sequence, so it is usually considered a good idea to have the last zone at a place most convenient for everyone.

If a drinks draw is made for less than 3 drinks then, once the selected amount of drinks has been consumed, a new draw is made for another pub within the zone.  The pub you are in is not removed from the draw.

The Rules (Hardcore)

The hardcore rules are much like the softcore rules, with the following additions:

1. The term Beverages refers to alcoholic drinks of a size no less than one (1) pint.

2. Both zones 3a and 3b must be included

3. A time limit of 15 minutes per drink is set. The clock starts once the round has been purchased and everyone has their drinks.

The Rules (Extended)

Instead of travelling each zone sequentially, the zones will be laid out over a map in an approximate grid. Drinkers can chose which zone to visit next, but can only travel to an adjacent zone.

This version allows for more zones, as not all the zones have to be visited.