DVD 108 mins IMDB 6.9
Anchor Bay (2009)
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Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
USA  /  English

Dennis Quaid Payton
Ben Foster Bower
Cam Gigandet Gallo
Antje Traue Nadia
Cung Le Manh
Eddie Rouse Leland
Norman Reedus Shepard
André Hennicke Hunter Leader
Friederike Kempter Evalon
Niels-Bruno Schmidt Insane Officer 'Eden'

Director Christian Alvart
Producer Paul W.S. Anderson; Jeremy Bolt
Writer Travis Milloy; Christian Alvart

Bower (Ben Foster) and Payton (Dennis Quaid), the two astronauts of the 60,000 passenger sleeper ship the Elysium, realize that they are moving along the space 500 million miles from Earth and they are in complete oblivion. They cannot remember their identities and their mission. However, Payton leads Bower through radio to explore deep into the ship to unravel frightening hidden truths. They also find out that some crew members suffer from Pandorum, a grave psychological state that can be prompted by being in deep-space for longer periods. Further, Gallo (Cam Gigande), one of the survivors located by Payton, informs them that planet Earth has been destroyed. To Bower and Payton, self-protection is most important at this juncture.

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Barcode 5051429101880
Region Region 1
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