DVD 90 mins IMDB 6.0
Sony Pictures (2007)
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Horror, Action
UK  /  English

Ray Stevenson DC
Julian Wadham Hunt
Richard Brake Prior
Paul Blair Jordan
Brett Fancy Taktarov
Enoch Frost Cotter
Julian Rivett Voyteche
Michael Smiley McKay
Johnny Meres The Breather
Xuki Robeli Newsreader

Director Steve Barker; Steven Barker
Producer Jamie Carmichael; Graham Begg
Writer Rae Brunton; Kieran Parker
Cinematography Gavin Struthers
Musician James Brett

Outpost is a chilling story of a enigmatic businessman named Hunt (Julian Wadham) who hires and ex marine, DC (Ray Stevenson) to assemble a team of bodyguards to accompany him on a journey to a desolate outpost. This outpost is positioned in the middle of no man’s land and is surrounded by all manner of gangs and vicious animals. Once they arrive at the outpost, Hunt’s intentions become a bit clearer as the group is attacked by a strange creature from out of the shadows. The reality is the outpost is an old World War 2 bunker where the Nazi’s conducted horrible experiments. Now one of these experiments is loose and the parameters of the mission have just changed to survival.

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Distributor Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Barcode 5035822119635
Region 2
Release Date 15/09/2008
Screen Ratio 2.40:1
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
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