DVD 115 mins IMDB 6.5
Weinstein Company (2008)
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Adventure, Science Fiction, Action
USA  /  English

James Caviezel Kainan
Sophia Myles Freya
Jack Huston Wulfric
John Hurt Rothgar
Cliff Saunders Boromir
Patrick Stevenson Unferth
Aidan Devine Einar
Ron Perlman Gunnar
Bailey Maughan Erick
John Nelles Donal

Director Howard McCain
Producer Barrie M. Osborne; Chris Roberts; Neishaw Ali; Dirk Blackman
Writer Howard McCain; Dirk Blackman
Cinematography Pierre Gill
Musician Geoff Zanelli

Year 509. It's the Viking's time and the spacecraft have just crashied against a majestic fjord. Of the stricken ship, land Kainan (James Caviezel), a humanoid warrior and Moorwen, a savage creature ready to avenge the death of his race by the army of the warrior. Isolated in this new world, where people lived thousands of years behind of civilization that has developed him, Kainan decides to find and defeat his mortal enemy. But before they can carry out his mission, he falls prey to the Vikings. After saving from death to Rothgar, chief of the Vikings, Kainan is gradually accepted into the clan and start a strong relationship with Freya (sophya Myles), the Rothgar's (John Hurt) daughter, to whom he explain his past and the tough loss of his family at the hands of Moorwen. The vengeful beast besieges the Viking stronghold and finally presents itself in the village. It is trapped by the Vikings, but manages to escape into the woods after wounding fatally Rothgar and kidnap Freya. Kainan and the Vikings will face one last desperate mission: to kill the monster or be destroyed.

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Region 2
Release Date 07/09/2009
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