DVD 96 mins IMDB 6.1
Not Rated
Kataude Mashin Gâru
Tokyo Shock (2008)
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Horror, Action
Japan  /  Japanese

Minase Yashiro Ami Hyuga
Nobuhiro Nishihara Sho Kimura
Demo Tanaka Kaneko Yaksa
Taro Suwa Yaksa
Kentaro Shimazu Ryuji Kimura
Yûya Ishikawa Suguru Sugihara
Ryôsuke Kawamura Yu Hyuga
Noriko Kijima
Kentaro Kishi
Ryôji Okamoto
Asami Miki
Honoka Violet Kimura
Nahana Masako Fujii

Director Noboru Iguchi
Producer Yoshinori Chiba; Yoko Hayama
Writer Noboru Iguchi

In "Kataude mashin gâru", Ami Hyuga (Minase Yashiro) and her brother Yu are young Japanese students who are left on their own after their parents' suicides. Ami is a tough girl, and she does her best to carry on by her parents' "live and let live" peaceful teachings. But when Yu is continually bullied and eventually murdered by a rough gang at school, Ami throws aside her gentle nature to seek revenge on her brother's killers. A local family takes Ami in. The mother of the family, Miki (Asami), has also lost a family member to this same gang of killers. When Ami goes to talk to Yu's tormentors, they end up torturing her by holding her arm in a pot of boiling hot tempura batter. Her arm is completely burned off. She rushes home to Miki, who fits her with a prosthetic machine gun arm. Miki wields a chain saw and together, the women go to kill all the gang members in a most bloody showdown.

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