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Jumpin' Jack Flash
20th Century Fox (1986)
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Comedy, Thriller, Action
USA  /  English

Whoopi Goldberg Terry Dolittle
Stephen Collins Marty Phillips
John Wood Jeremy Talbott
Carol Kane Cynthia
Annie Potts Liz Carlson
Peter Michael Goetz James Page
Roscoe Lee Browne Archer Lincoln
Sara Botsford Lady Sarah Billings
Vyto Ruginis Carl
Jeroen Krabbé Mark Van Meter

Director Penny Marshall
Producer Joel Silver; George Bowers
Writer David Franzoni; Steven E. de Souza
Cinematography Matthew F. Leonetti
Musician Thomas Newman

Terri Dolittle (Whoopi Goldberg) leads an ordinary life. She doesn’t always fit in at work, but her life is basically unexciting. She works on a computer in a bank, communicating with unseen strangers around the world. One day while working, a cryptic message comes across her screen. Decoding the message finds Terri in the middle of an espionage ring. She’s the only person that can save a British spy (Jonathan Pryce) being held hostage in a foreign land. She finds herself racing around New York in order to save the beleaguered spy. Along the way, she has to avoid the KGB and CIA, survive the “help” of her friend Liz (Annie Potts), and interview shady characters like Marty the Mole (Stephen Collins). Will she be in time?

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