DVD 115 mins IMDB 6.8
Hang 'em High
MGM/UA (1968)
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Drama, Western, Crime
USA  /  English

Clint Eastwood Jed Cooper
Inger Stevens Rachel
Ed Begley, Sr. Wilson
Pat Hingle Adam Fenton
Arlene Golonka Jennifer
Ben Johnson Dave Bliss
Bob Steele Jenkins
Ruth White Peaches Sophie
Russell Thorson Mr. Maddow
Ed Begley Captain Wilson, Cooper Hanging Party
Charles McGraw Sheriff Ray Calhoun, Red Creek
Bruce Dern Miller, One of the 3 rustlers, and murderer
Alan Hale Jr. Matt Stone, Cooper Hanging Party

Director Ted Post
Producer Leonard Freeman; Irving L. Leonard
Writer Mel Goldberg; Leonard Freeman

Jed Cooper (Clint Eastwood) wants to lead a relaxed and peaceful life for which he buys a cattle herd and settles down as a rancher. But this simple rancher is misunderstood as having murdered the previous owner of the ranch. A group of nine angry lynchmen hangs him and leaves the place thinking that he was dead. But, Jed was fortunate enough to stay alive until a passing by Federal Marshall Bliss (Ben Johnson) rescues him and takes him to the Judge Fenton (Pat Hingle), who understands the innocence of Jed and empowers him to take revenge on the nine lynchment by way of catching them and presenting them before the Judge. But, Jed ignores the Judge's condition and successfully manages to kill all of the lynchmen one after the other except Captain Wilson (Ed Begley), who is the headman of the gang. Instead, Jed gets shot by Captain Wilson. But luck off life once again saves and Jeff survives the bullet injuries. This time Jeff chases Captain Wilson and after a spine chilling gufight, killing all the antogonists' henchmen, Jeff finds the body of Captain Wilson hanged himself. Rachel Warren (Inger Stevens) accomapanies all the way with Jeff through this saga of revenge.

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Region 2
Screen Ratio 2.35:1
Subtitles French; English; German; Italian; Spanish; Dutch; Swedish; Norwegian; Danish
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
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