DVD 106 mins IMDB 6.9
Operation Condor
Buena Vista (1991)
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Comedy, Adventure, Action
Taiwan  /  English

Jackie Chan Jackie
Carol Cheng Ada
Francois Dunoyer Jacques
Catherine Laborde Marianne
Marion Peterson Patricia
Catherine Fornier Muriel
Gérard Lecouvey Fabien
Jacques Bom Officier DST
Jean Winiger Guttierez
Christophe Lassale Carlos
Carol 'Do Do' Cheng Ada
Eva Cobo Elsa
Shôko Ikeda Momoko
Aldo Sambrell Adolf
Ken Goodman Adolf's Guard #1
Steve Tartalia Adolf's Guard #2
Vincent Lyn Adolf's Guard #3
Bruce Fontaine Adolf's Guard #4
Wayne Archer Adolf's Guard #5

Director Jackie Chan
Producer Leonard Ho; Raymond Chow
Writer Jackie Chan; Pierre Neel; Edward Tang
Cinematography Arthur Wong
Musician Paul Rabjohns; Stephen Endelman; Chris Babida

Special Government Agent Jackie Condor (Jackie Chan) is tasked with searching for and finding hidden treasure belonging to the Nazi party that was lost in the Sahara dessert during the German military’s retreat. Along the way, Jackie meets three beautiful, but idiotic women who both help and hinder his search at various times throughout the journey. At one point Jackie begins to believe that he is being followed also and discovers that the men following him are brutal and ruthless mercenaries sent to kill him and to find the treasure for themselves. Jackie must use all of his training and fighting ability if he is to thwart their plans and recover the gold.

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