Once there was a servant girl whose name was Mary Jane,
Her mistress she was good to her
She knew she was a country girl,
just lately from the farm,
And so she did her bloody best to keep the girl from harm.
Chorus: Singing bell?bottom trousers, coats of navy blue
Let him climb the rigging like his Daddy used to do.

The forty?second Army Corps came in to paint the town,
A band of bawdy bastards
and rapists of renown,
They busted every maidenhead,
and staggered out again,
But they never made the servant girl who lived in Drury Lane.

Next there came the Fusiliers,
and a band of Welsh Hussars
They piled into the brothels,
they packed into the bars.
The maidens and the matrons
were seduced with might and main,
But they never made the servant girl whose name was Mary Jane.

Early one evening a sailor came to tea
And that was the start of all her misery,
At sea without a woman for forty months or more,
There wasn't any need to ask what he was looking for.
He asked her for a candle to light his way to bed,
He asked her for a pillow to rest his weary head,
Then using very gentle words,
as if he meant no harm
He asked the maid to come to bed just to keep him warm.

She lifted up the covers just a moment there to lie,
But he's got his dick inside her
before she could bat an eye,
And though he'd got her Maidenhead she showed no great alarm,
And the only words she said to him were: "1 hope you're keeping warm."

Early in the morning when the sailor'd had his grind
He gave to her a ten bob note to pacify his mind
Saying: "If you have a daughter bounce her on your knee,
If you have a son send the bastard out to sea."

Now all you servant girls
take a warning from me,
Don't ever let a sailor
get an inch above the knee,
She trusted one, the ninny,
in his Naval uniform,
Now all she wants to do, me boys,
is keep the Navy warm