Maggie May


CHORUS:Oh, my darling Maggie May

They have taken her away,

And no more down Lime Street will she roam

For the judge he guilty found her

For robbing a homeward bounder,

That dirty, robbin', no good Maggie May


I was a sailor bound for home,

All the way from Sierra Leone,

And two pound ten a month

Had been my pay,

As I jingled in my tin

I was sadly taken in

By the lady of the name of Maggie May.


When I steered into her

I just hadn't a care

I was cruisin' up and down

Ol' Canning Place.

'She was dressed in a gown so fine,

like a frigate of the line,

And I bein' a sailorman, gave chase. 


She gave me a saucy nod,

And I like a farmer's clod

Let her take me line abreast in tow,

And under all plain sail

We ran before the gale

And to the Crow's Rest Tavern

We did go.


Next morning when I awoke,

I found that I was broke.

No trousers, coat or wallet could I find,

And when I asked her where

She said, "My dear young sir,

You'll find them in the pawnshop

Number nine."


To the pawnshop I did go,

No trousers could I find,

So the cops they came

And took this girl away.

Oh, you thieving Maggie May,

You robbed me of my pay,

It'll pay your fare out to Botany Bay.


She was chained and sent away

From Liverpool one day.

The lads they cheered

As she sailed down the bay,

An' every sailor lad

He only was too glad,

They'd sent the old tart to Botany Bay.


Oh Maggie, Maggie May,

They have taken you away,

To stay on Van Dieman's cruel shore.

Oh you robbed many a whaler

And many a drunken sailor,

But you'll never cruise

Round Liverpool no more.