Lydia Pinkham


CHORUS:So we'll drink, drink, drink to Lydia Pinkham,

The savior of the human race,

The human race.

Oh, she makes, she bottles, she sells the Vegetable Compound,

And any man can sit on her face,

Sit on her face.


Now, Mr.                 had a very small penis,

He could barely make it stand,

Make it stand.

So we gave him the Vegetable Compound,

Now he come in either hand,

In either hand


Now Miss                  had a very small bosom,

They scarcely showed beneath her blouse,

Beneath her blouse.

So we gave her the Vegetable Compound,

And now they milk her with the cows,

With the cows.


Now, Mr.               had very small testes,

They looked lik e a couple of peas,

Couple of peas.

So we gave him the Vegetable Compound,

Now they hang below his knees,

Below his knees.