(Sung to the tune of "Red River Valley")


'Twas down in Cunt Valley where the red river flows,

Where cocksuckers flourish and maidenheads grow.

'Twas there I met Lupe the girl I adore,

She's my hot fucking, cocksucking Mexican whore.


She got her first piece at the ripe age of eight,

As she swung back and forth on the old garden gate.

The cross member broke and the upright ran in,

And she's lived ever since in a welter of sin.


She'll suck you, she'll fuck you, she'll gnaw on your nuts,

And if you're not careful she'll suck out your guts.

She'll wrap her legs round you 'til you think you'll die,

Oh I'd rather eat Lupe than sweet cherry pie.


Now Lupe is dead as she lies in her tomb,

As the maggots crawl into her decomposed womb.

The smile on her face seems to say "Give me more!"

She's my hot fucking, cocksucking Mexican whore.