Early one morning,as the sun was rising, see a little engine pull away
See a little driver pull a little lever, chuff, chuff, chuff, chuff and away we go
Down by the sea, where the water melons grow
I do my own, I dare not go
But if I do -oo, -oo
My mother will say -ay, -ay
Have you ever seen a girl with green eyes down by the sea
See how she runs, see how she runs
Kooblah, kooblah, sing, sing, sing

Who are, who are, who are we?
We are (insert club name here) RFC
We can struggle, we can fight
We can play the game alright
(All shout club name)

There once was a man named Schwartz
Whose dick was all covered in warts
But the girls didn't care
About the warts that were there
'cos Schwartz used to come in quarts