In the Frontrow - The Prop Forward Song

To the tune of The Wild Rover

I've been a propforward as long as I know,
and will always do nothing but play the frontrow.
You might think we're crazy, just stupid or dumb,
but without us you wouldn't win one single scrum.


And it's close, tight, together,
never back we will go.
Cause we'll always be playing,
in the frontrow.

I stand in between them, and hooker's my name,
striking at balls is my favourite game.
Channels and tactics, just give me a call,
cause I am by far the smartest of all.

Our numbers are easy, they're one, two and three,
or in the same order, it's a, b and c.
It's common logic, we're always up front,
ask us a question, we'll probably HUH

No second or backrow, no scrumhalf or back,
we are the pillars of both team and pack.
You may wonder why, but you will never know,
unless you have tried to play in the frontrow.

Scrummage is easy, we say "peace-a-cake",
we push them around til we hear something break.
Referee or others, we don't give a fuck,
we are the best in a fast forward ruck.

Our job in the lineout's is lift and protect,
and hand-off opponents in case they object.
Wheeling a maul is great fun to do,
cause if we are lucky we get to score too.

You might not believe it, we sometimes do think,
it most likely happens when we need a drink.
Running makes thirsty and energy's spilt,
that's why our stomachs are constantly filled.

Now that you know what the frontrow's about,
guess what we think when we give you a shout
Dropping a ball may look clumsy to you,
but winning a scrum is what we're born to do.