A is for arseholes all covered in hair,
Chorus: Heigh Ho said Rolly.

B is the Bugger that wishes he were there,
Chorus: With a rolly polly,
up 'em and stuff 'em,
Heigh Ho said Anthony Rolly.

C is for cunts all dripping with piss,
D is the Drunkard who gave it a kiss.

E is for Eunuch with only one ball.
F is, for fuckers with no balls at all.

G is for Gonorrhoea, Goitre and Gout,
H is f or Harlot that spread it about.

I is Injection for clap, pox and itch.
J is for jerk of a dog on a bitch.

K is for King who thought fucking a bore,
L is for Lesbian who came back for more.

M is for Maidenhead tattered and torn.
N is for Noble who died with a horn.

O is for Orifice gently revealed.
P is for pussy all Pranged up and Peeled.

Q is the Quaker who came in his hat,
R is the Roger who rogered the cat.

S is the shit pot all full to the brim.
T is the turds that are floating within.

U is the Usher who taught us at school.
V is the Virgin that played with his tool.

W is the Whore who thought fucking a farce.
X, Y and Zyou can stuff up your arse.