DVD 116 mins IMDB 6.5
The Legend Of The Shadowless Sword
New Line Cinema (2006)
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Action, Martial Arts
USA  /  English

Lee Gi-yeong
Yun So-si
Shin Hyeon-jun
Choi Ji-Woo
Lee Seo-jin Prince Jung-Hyun
Yoon Soy Soha
Lee Ki Yong
Shin Hyun-Joon
Hyeon-jun Shin Gun Hwa-pyung
So-yi Yoon Yeon So-ha
Seo-jin Lee Dae Jung-hyun
Ki-yong Lee Mae Yung-ok
Ji-Woo Choi
Ho-bin Jeong
Jun-ha Jeong
Su-ro Kim

Director Kim Young-Jun; Young-jun Kim
Producer Chung Tae-Won
Writer Kim Tae-gwan; Shin Jun-Hee; Paul Sheen

In Korea during the tenth century, the kingdom of Balhae is falling apart. The royals are being murdered by invaders. An army of resistance sends a woman fighter, Soha (So-yi Yoon), to get the last living royal, a man who is exiled and already separated from his family, named Hyeon Shin(Gun hwa-pyung). He doesn’t want to return with her and wishes to keep living as an agent who works for thieves. Soha persuades him but then agents named Dae (Seo-jin Lee) and Mae (Ki-yong Lee) chase them and want to kill both of them. In the meantime, Hyeon and Soha are falling in love with each other.

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Distributor Entertainment In Video
Barcode 5017239195723
Region 2
Release Date 07/07/2008
Screen Ratio 2.35:1
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
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