DVD 85 mins IMDB 7.0
China Star Entertainment (2005)
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Drama, Thriller, Crime
Hong Kong  /  Cantonese

Simon Yam Lok
Tony Leung Ka Fai Big D
Louis Koo Jimmy
Nick Cheung Jet
Siu-Fai Cheung Mr. So
Suet Lam Big Head
Ka Tung Lam Kun
Tian-lin Wang Uncle Teng
Maggie Siu Mrs. Big D
Yuen Bo Dinosaur
Ping-Man Tam Uncle Cocky
Johnny To
Tony Leung

Director Johnny To; Johnnie To
Producer Johnny To; Dennis Law; Catherine Chan
Writer Nai-Hoi Yau; Tin-Shing Yip

The movie starts with the election campaign to choose the new chairman of Wo Shing society in Hong Kong. The competition is between Lok (Simon Yam) and Big D (Tony Leung Ka-fai). Big D tried bribing the senior members to win the election. The election becomes bitter and after a fiery campaign Lok wins the election. An angry Big D kills two people responsible for the defeat after kidnapping them. As the result, the ex-chairman asks his lieutenant to hide the Dragon Head baton which is symbol of the power of the chairman. To prevent fighting between the members of the society, the police arrests all the important members including Lok and Big D. In this duration a pursuit of the baton is also going on between both the parties. After a negotiation in the jail between both the sides, all members are released and Lok receives his baton and declared his election official.

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Distributor Optimum Home Entertainment
Barcode 5060034573753
Region 2
Release Date 11/09/2006
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