DVD 88 mins IMDB 4.7
The Medallion
Columbia TriStar (2003)
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Comedy, Fantasy, Action
Hong Kong  /  English

Jackie Chan Eddie Yang
Lee Evans Arthur Watson
Claire Forlani Nicole James
Julian Sands Snakehead
John Rhys-Davies Cmdr. Hammerstock-Smythe
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang Lester
Christy Chung Charlotte Watson
Johann Myers Giscard
Alex Bao Jai
Siu-Ming Lau Antiquerium Dealer

Director Gordon Chan
Producer Alfred Cheung; Bill Borden; Willie Chan
Writer Gordon Chan; Alfred Cheung; Bennett Davlin

Hong Kong cop Eddie Yang (Jackie Chan) and Interpol agent Arthur Watson (Lee Evans) team up to hunt down and capture evil crimelord Snakehead (Julian Sands) before he gets his hands on 'The Medallion': a source of superhuman powers and immortality. After a fatal accident Eddie is rescued by young boy Jai who possesses the medallion and transfers its powers to Eddie. Gaining martial art skills, super speed and warrior like strength, Eddie, along with the help his former girlfriend Nicole (Claire Forlani) & Arthur, decide to once and for all stop the evil plans of Snakehead from coming into succession.

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Barcode 5050582523546
Region 2
Release Date 27/08/2007
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