DVD 118 mins IMDB 6.1
San Wa
Sony Pictures (2005)
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Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy
China  /  Mandarin

Jackie Chan Jack / General Meng-yi
Hee-seon Kim Ok-soo
Tony Leung Ka Fai William
Mallika Sherawat Indian Princess
Ram Gopal Bajaj The Guru
Ken Lo Dragon
Rongguang Yu Zhao Kuang
Min-su Choi General Choi
Jason Chong Jack / General Meng-Yi
Hayama Go Tiger
Tony Leung Kar Fai
Kim Hee Seon

Director Stanley Tong; Lena Wilson
Producer Jackie Chan; Barbie Tung; Bobby Bedi; Puja Bedi
Writer Stanley Tong; Hui-Ling Wang; Hai-shu Li
Cinematography Wing-Hung Wong
Musician Gary Chase; Nathan Wang

In the Myth, Jack (Jackie Chan) keeps dreaming of being a general rescuing a princess Ok-soo (Kim Hee-sun). One day when his friend William (Tony Leung Ka Fai) asks him to retrieve a precious material as a favor. This material has the power to create a zero gravity environment. His travels take him to the floating tomb of a Dassar King in India, where he finds a sword related to his past life. In the past life, Jack as Meng Yi fought a Dassar King over the emperor's concubine Ok-Soo. To honor this fight, the two warriors agree to exchange their swords. The sword Jack finds floating beside the floating coffin of the Dassar King is indeed that of Meng Yi. William by his folly removes a rare piece of material, causing the zero gravity field collapse. By his skill, Jack manages to escape from the place which is flooded by the followers. He escapes the country with the help of an Indian Girl(Mallika Sherawat). After this, Jack's previous life unfolds and he discovers a fascinating secret.

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Region 2
Release Date 04/05/2009
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