DVD 30 mins IMDB 8.2
Robot Chicken: Star Wars
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Animation, Comedy, Science Fiction
USA  /  English

Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker
George Lucas Himself
Candace Bailey Princess Leia Organa / Various
Abraham Benrubi Darth Vader
Bob Bergen Various
Ahmed Best Jar-Jar Binks / Snowtrooper
Donald Faison Evazan / Mace Windu
Joey Fatone Himself
Keith Ferguson Han Solo
Seth Green Various
Hulk Hogan Abraham Lincoln

Director Seth Green
Producer Alexander Bulkley; Corey Campodonico; Eric Blyler
Writer Douglas Goldstein; Seth Green; Jordan Allen-Dutton; Mike Fasolo

Many popular characters pay satirical homage to the Star Wars movies in several sketches that show us what really happened behind the scenes. Darth Vader (Abraham Benrubi) is really Robot Chicken, snatched from the volcanic planet Mustafar by the Mad Scientist where he rebuilds him and forces him to watch Star Wars spoofs. After the Rebel Alliance blows up the Death Star, Emperor Palpatine (Seth McFarlane) gets a collect call from Darth Vader who tells him they’ve been floating in space for two weeks, trying to get a signal. Palpatine scolds Vader harshly for not having the power to protect a small exhaust port, going so far as to tell him that if he keeps letting things like that happen, Palpatine will tell everyone how whiny he got when Padme died. This causes Vader to cry, and Palpatine repents and apologizes. At another point, Death Star workers get an orientation on how Darth Vader doesn’t actually have the ability to strangle anyone with his mind, so the workers learn to pretend to be strangled or else risk getting attacked by a lightsaber.

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