DVD 96 mins IMDB 7.6
Revolver Entertainment (2008)
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Comedy, Crime
Belgium  /  French

Jean-Claude Van Damme J.C.V.D.
François Damiens Bruges
Zinedine Soualem L'homme au bonnet
Karim Belkhadra Le vigile
Jean-François Wolff Le trentenaire
Anne Paulicevich La guichetière
François Beukelaers Père JCVD
John Flanders Prosecuting attorney
Saskia Flanders J.C.V.D.'s daughter
Dean Gregory Realisateur de Tobey Wood
Liliane Becker Mère JCVD
Francois Damiens
Jean-Francois Wolff

Director Mabrouk El Mechri
Producer Patrick Quinet; Jani Thiltges; Sidonie Dumas; Fiszman Marc
Writer Mabrouk El Mechri; Frédéric Bénudis; Frédéric Benudis

JCVD follows actor J.C.V.D. (Jean Claude Van Damme) as he goes about his daily, rather extraordinary life. His acting roles have begun to dry up, his auditions are not going well, and as the final insult, he loses a great part to fellow action movie hero Steven Seagal. J.C.V.D. is also facing a variety of personal problems, with fighting to gain custody of his little girl (Saskia Flanders) and fighting with the government about the money he owes. Completely demoralized, he takes a trip back home to Schaerbeek, Belgium, for a respite. However, soon things spiral out of control and he finds himself in worse, and more bizarre, trouble than ever before.

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Distributor Revolver Entertainment
Barcode 5060018490311
Region 2
Release Date 02/02/2009
Nr of Disks/Tapes 2
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