DVD 93 mins IMDB 5.6
The White Dragon
Tai Seng (2004)
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Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Action
Hong Kong  /  French

Cecilia Cheung Black Phoenix/White Dragon Jr.
Avi K. Garg Deer Claw
Hui Siu Hung Deer Tai
Lei Liu Tian Sheng
Francis Ng Blindie
Andy On Second Prince Tian Yang
Nay Suet White Dragon
Patrick Tang Gene
Kitty Yuen Tweetie
Xiao Lung Ding Palace Guard #1
Shiu Hung Hui Deer Tai

Director Wilson Yip
Producer Joe Ma; Y.Y. Kong; Tiffany Chen
Writer Wilson Yip; Yiu Fai Lo

A young noblewoman and self absorbed teenage girl (Nay Suet) manages to accidentally obtain all the powers of The White Dragon. The great responsibility in her power is something she is quickly to learn. She enjoys the advantages in performing "good deeds" especially the good feels of helping others. When an assassin named Chicken Feathers (Francis Ng) is discovered to have murderous tactics she jumps into action. Chicken Feathers plans to kill her beloved prince of the Imperial House, she makes a vow to stop the assassin. Because of her decisions the real story behind the assassination’s plan is uncovered.

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