DVD 104 mins IMDB 4.7
Fatal Beauty
MGM/UA (1987)
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Comedy, Crime, Action
USA  /  English

Whoopi Goldberg Det. Rita Rizzoli
Rubén Blades Carl Jimenez
Sam Elliott Mike Marshak
Brad Dourif Leo Nova
Mike Jolly Earl Skinner
John P. Ryan Lt. Kellerman
Jennifer Warren Cecile Jaeger
Harris Yulin Conrad Kroll
Charles Hallahan Deputy Getz
David Harris Raphael

Director Tom Holland
Producer Hilary Henkin; Leonard Kroll; Leonard C. Kroll; Art Schaeffer
Writer Hilary Henkin; Dean Riesner; Bill Svanoe

A shipment of cocaine is hijacked. Unfortunately the theives don't know that the hijacked drug is unusually pure. They sell it anyway. The police start finding bags of the stuff next to dead bodies and give it the nickname 'Fatal Beauty'. Narcotics officer Rita Rizzoli ( Whoopi Golberg) is assigned to track down the fatal drug and take the kingpin down. Posing as a hooker, she is soon on the trail of the hijackers. She meets Mike Marshak (Sam Elliot) in the course of her investigation. Mike actually works for Rita's primary suspect in the case,but it's not the drugs he handles for his boss. However, Rita hopes he can help lead her to the hijackers and the drugs before it kills more people. Mike is supposed to keep an eye on Rita for his boss but starts to develop more than just business feelings towards the detective. Romance develops as the two continue to search for the fatal cocaine. But will it be for the best?

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