DVD 87 mins IMDB 6.8
Dao Huo Xian
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Crime, Action
Hong Kong  /  Mandarin

Donnie Yen Det. Sgt. Ma Jun
Louis Koo Wilson
Collin Chou Tony
Ray Lui Archer Sin
Bingbing Fan Julie
Kent Cheng Inspector Wong
Yu Xing Tiger
Qing Xu Madam Lau
Ben Lam Sam
Lan Law Madam Ma

Director Wilson Yip; Wilson
Producer Nansun Shi; Bak-Ming Wong; Yiu Wa Chan; Yuk-Lam Pang
Writer Kam-Yuen Szeto; Lik-Kei Tang

Ma Jun (Donnie Yen), a police inspector, has the job of catching criminals. Jun is very temperamental and has fast reflexes. He does not like to put up with any nonsense from his superiors. Ma Jun has to team up with a mole working inside a group made up of brothers from Vietnam: Ja Ge (Ray Lui), Tiger (Xing Yu), and Tony (Collin Chou). The oldest brother, Xian Wei Cha, gets arrested. This exposes Sheng for what he really is and it is almost fatal for him. The mole is also in love with a woman named Julie (Fan Bing Bing).

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