DVD 126 mins IMDB 7.4
Picturehouse (2007)
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Romance, History, Biography
Germany  /  Mongolian

Zhang Jiong Tangut Garrison Chief
Amadu Mamadakov Targutai
Tegen Ao Charkhu
Tadanobu Asano Temudjin
Ying Bai Merchant with Golden Ring
Khulan Chuluun Börte
Bao Di Todoen
Bayertsetseg Erdenebat Young Borte
Deng Ba Te Er Daritai
You Er Sorgan-Shira
Honglei Sun Jamukha
Aliya Oelun - Temudjin's Mother
Ba Sen Esugei - Temudjin's Father
He Qi Dai-Sechen
Ben Hon Sun Monk
Ji Ri Mu Tu Boorchu
Odnyam Odsuren
Sun Honglei

Director Sergei Bodrov
Producer Sergei Bodrov; Stefan Arndt; Bob Berney
Writer Sergei Bodrov; Arif Aliyev

Mongol is a film based on the life of the historically significant and infamous conqueror Genghis Khan (Tadanobu Asano). Khan grew from humble beginnings as he was born into slavery and lived a slave for most of his childhood. He is able to make it through an unbearable upbringing do to the love of a lovely young girl named Borte (Khulan Chuluun). The two share a passionate early love that leads to Khan being able to capture greatness and fulfill his great destiny as a man. Khan grows to become a powerful leader and wins many important battles, leading him to eventually conquer most of Asia.

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Release Date 29/09/2008
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