DVD 101 mins IMDB 5.4
Hard Luck
Sony Pictures (2006)
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Drama, Thriller, Crime
USA  /  English

Wesley Snipes Lucky
Gavin J. Behrman Antonio
Kevin Chapman Franklin
Aubrey Dollar Rainn
Tony Hua Lee
Tom Kemp Gino Gambetti
Mike Messier Eugene
Jackie Quinones Angela
Cybill Shepherd Cass
James Hiroyuki Liao Chang
Kevin Thoms Roland
Noah Fleiss Sol Rosenbaum
Bill Cobbs Cobb
Mario Van Peebles

Director Mario Van Peebles
Producer Donald Kushner; Larry Brand
Writer Larry Brand; Mario Van Peebles
Cinematography Alex Nepomniaschy
Musician Tree Adams

Wesley Snipes is 'Lucky', a reformed gangster and criminal who is trying to change his life. He is striving to stay out of crime and be legitimate. But he soon falls, as he agrees to go to a birthday party for a former friend and current gangster. He soon realizes his mistake when it becomes clear that the party was just a set up. Lucky finds himself back in the bad graces of the law, and he has a group of dirty cops after him. In his escapades he steals money and falls back into the routine of crime. He also finds himself kidnapping a stripper and trying to avoid a series of worse criminals who are in his way.

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Distributor Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Barcode 5035822352636
Region 2
Release Date 26/02/2007
Screen Ratio 1.78:1
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
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