DVD 110 mins IMDB 5.4
The Last Legion
Weinstein Company (2007)
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Action, Adventure, War
USA  /  English

Colin Firth Aurelius
Ben Kingsley Ambrosinus
Aishwarya Rai Mira
Peter Mullan Odoacer
Kevin McKidd Wulfila
John Hannah Nestor
Iain Glen Orestes
Thomas Sangster Romulus Augustus
Rupert Friend Demetrius
Nonso Anozie Batiatus

Director Doug Lefler
Producer Martha De Laurentiis; Tarak Ben Ammar; James Clayton
Writer Jez Butterworth; Tom Butterworth
Cinematography Marco Pontecorvo
Musician Patrick Doyle

The Roman Empire lies in shambles. The young rightful Emperor Romulus Augustus (Thomas Sangster) has to flee from the Germanic invaders occupying Rome. Amrosius (Ben Kingsley), the boys old tutor, and Aurelius (Colin Firth), commander of the imerpial bodyguard, help him escape. During their attempts to regain power in Rome they have to deal with the treacherous Senator Nestor (John Hannah) and the emissary from Constantinople, whose master the Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire has commited to an alliance with the usurpers in Rome. Failing to restore Romulus to the throne they embark on a quest that eventually leads them to Britannia, the last vestige of the former Roman Glory and home to the "Last Legion". They are followed there by Wulfila (Kevin McKidd), who was ordered to kill the last reightful heir to the throne in order to consolidate the Germanic claim on the throne. In Britannia Romulus and his followers make a last stand against the enemies of the Empire.

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Region 2
Release Date 18/02/2008
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