DVD 110 mins IMDB 6.9
Big Jake
Paramount Pictures (1971)
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Western, Action
USA  /  English

John Wayne Jacob McCandles
Richard Boone John Fain
Patrick Wayne James McCandles
Christopher Mitchum Michael McCandles
Bruce Cabot Sam Sharpnose
Bobby Vinton Jeff McCandles
Glenn Corbett O'Brien
John Agar Bert Ryan
Virginia Capers Delilah
Harry Carey Jr. Pop Dawson
John Doucette Texas Ranger Capt. Buck Duggan
Jim Davis Head of lynching party
Maureen O'Hara

Director John Wayne; Don Siegel; George Sherman
Producer Michael Wayne
Writer Harry Julian Fink; Rita M. Fink

Big Jake McCandles (John Wayne) left his ranch, his sons, and his fiery wife Martha (Maureen O;Hara). For 10 years there had been hard feelings between all of them, but Martha contacts Jake for help when outlaws violently kidnap Martha and Jake’s grandson, Little Jake. Big Jake returns home and agrees to help find his grandson using a chest of Martha’s money the outlaws knew about to pay the ransom. Texas Rangers were also called in on the case and plan to use automobiles to catch the bandits while Big Jake takes his dog and his friend Sam Sharpnose (Bruce Cabot) to take up the chase on horseback. The Rangers are bushwhacked by the outlaws and Jake’s son James McCandles (Patrick Wayne) joins Jake and Sam in pursuit. The three of them meet-up with another son, Michael McCandles (Christopher Mitchum), and they unite in the search for Little Jacob. Other bandits have heard about the money and try to steal it along the way, but they fight them off. In Mexico they meet with the leader of the outlaws, John Fain (Richard Boone), and in a pitched battle good prevails and the McCandless family rides for home.

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