DVD 88 mins IMDB 6.7
Dung fong saam hap - The Heroic Trio
Buena Vista (1993)
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Action, Fantasy, Foreign, Martial Arts
Hong Kong  /  Cantonese

Michelle Yeoh Ching/Invisible Woman/Number 3
Anita Mui Tung/Wonder Woman/Shadow Fox
Maggie Cheung Chat/Thief Catcher/Mercy
Damian Lau Insp. Lau
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang Kau
Paul Chu Chief of Police (as Pei Chun)
James Pak Inventor
Yee Kwan Yan Evil Master
Zhuoxin Chen
Haowen Jiang
Michelle Khan
Anthony Wong

Director Johnny To
Producer Johnny To
Writer Susanne Chan; Jack Maeby

The all-female Heroic Trio are Tung (Wonder Woman), Chat (Thief Catcher), a mercenary, and Ching (Invisible Woman)...

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