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Suitable for 15 years and over
American Pie 3: The Wedding [2003]
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USA  /  English

Jason Biggs Jim Levenstein
Seann William Scott Steve Stifler
Alyson Hannigan Michelle Flaherty
Eddie Kaye Thomas Paul Finch
Thomas Ian Nicholas Kevin Myers
January Jones Cadence Flaherty
Eugene Levy Jim's Dad
Molly Cheek Jim's Mom
Deborah Rush Mary Flaherty
Fred Willard Harold Flaherty

Director Jesse Dylan
Producer Chris Bender; Adam Herz
Writer Adam Herz

The producers of the American Pie movies pushed their luck with a third slice of their lucrative raunchy comedy franchise, but American Wedding cooked up surprisingly well. It's the sourest serving of Pie, with half of the original cast missing, and there's something undeniably desperate about comedic highlights (involving dog poop, a lusty old lady, two strippers to offset the absence of Shannon Elizabeth, and the ill-advised use of a trimming razor) that arise more from obligation than inspiration, on the assumption that another penile mishap is guaranteed to please. And yet, that's just what this movie does for devoted Pie-munchers: it gives 'em what they want, especially when the notorious Stifler (Seann William Scott) nearly ruins the frantic nuptials of Jim (Jason Biggs) and his band-camping sweetheart Michelle (Alyson Hannigan). Eugene Levy and Eddie Kaye Thomas also return for some reliable comic relief, but the one who's laughing most is three-time Pie writer Adam Herz--all the way to the bank. --Jeff Shannon

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Region 2
Release Date 26/01/2004
Screen Ratio 1.77:1
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