DVD 111 mins
Suitable for 15 years and over
Highlander [1985]
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USA  /  English

Sean Connery
Edward Wiley

Director Russell Mulcahy

This 1986 fantasy/action thriller has since spawned two sequels, a TV series, numerous comic-book spin-offs, and a loyal (if somewhat oddly obsessive) following of fans. Directed by music-video veteran Russell Mulcahy (which explains the dizzying camera work and soundtrack contributions from Queen), the original theatrical release made a hash of an intriguing story about an "Immortal" from 16th-century Scotland (Christopher Lambert) who time-leaps to modern-day America with his arch-enemy (Clancy Brown) in hot pursuit. It becomes a battle to the death (yes, Immortals can die) and Lambert seeks survival training from an Immortal mentor played by Sean Connery. Highlander is dazzling, energetic and altogether confusing. --Jeff Shannon

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Barcode 7321900383523
Region 2
Release Date 12/03/2001
Subtitles Dutch; French
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