DVD 88 mins IMDB 5.6
Twins Effect - Chin Gei Bin
Sony Pictures (2003)
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Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror
Hong Kong  /  English

Jackie Chan Jackie
Ekin Cheng Reeve
Charlene Choi Helen
Gillian Chung Gypsy
Edison Chen Kazaf
Mickey Hardt Duke Dekotes
Josie Ho Lila
Ricardo Mamood Ethan
Maggie Lau Nurse Maggie
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang Prada
Ricardo Mamood-Vega Ethan

Director Donnie Yen; Dante Lam
Producer Bey Logan; Carl Chang; Ging-man Cho
Writer Chan Hing Kai; Jack Ng; Hing-Ka Chan; Wai Lun Ng

For Reeve (Ekin Cheng), life is pretty simple. He makes a living working for the Anti-Vampire Federation. But his partners are dropping like flies. They can’t seem to keep up with the enemy. He gets his next partner Gipsy (Gillian Chung) who immediately takes a dislike to Reeve’s sister, Helen (Charlene Choi). But Helen has her own troubles that she doesn’t even know about. Without realizing it, she has agreed to a date with Prince Kazaf (Edison Chen). Kazaf is a member of the last royal family of vampires. When Reeve finds this out, he heads to the church where Kazaf lives, intent on battling it out with him. However, another vampire, Duke Dekotes (Mickey Hardt), wants Kazaf alive so that he can retrieve the secrets of vampirism known only to the royal family. Kazaf and Reeve team up to battle the evil Duke, but Reeve is killed. That leaves only Kazaf and his new allies, Gipsy and Helen to hunt Duke and extract revenge for Reeve.

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