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Ninja's Creeed - Royal Kill
Royal Kill
Lions Gate (2009)
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Action, Thriller
USA  /  English

Pat Morita Exhibition Manager
Eric Roberts Dad
Alexander Wraith Adam Arthavan
Gail Kim Assassin
Jeannie Crist Royal Maid
Nicole Brown Andrea
Darren Kendrick Neighbor
Bobby Routh
Nafees Ahmed Mehreen Abassi
Nora Greenwald

Director Babar Ahmed
Writer Babar Ahmed

The kingdom of Samarza, deep in the Himalayas, is brutally overtaken by the cruel Skanji. After they kill all of the royal family of Samarza, they are left with only one remaining heir. Jan (Lalaine) lives far away in Northwest Washington, and she doesn't even know that her heritage is that of royalty. She finds out quickly, though, when a brutal Skanji assassin (Gail Kim) comes after her at the same time that a Samarzan warrior (Alexander Wraith) arrives to try and take her back to Samarza to take her rightful place on the throne of Samarza. Whoever wins the battle between Jan's guardian warrior and the assassin sent to kill her, will win the kingdom of Samarza for their people.

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