DVD 88 mins IMDB 5.3
Blood: The Last Vampire
Sony Pictures (2009)
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Horror, Thriller, Action
Hong Kong  /  English

Gianna Jun Saya
Allison Miller Alice McKee
Liam Cunningham Michael Harrison
JJ Feild Luke
Koyuki Onigen
Yasuaki Kurata Kato Takatora
Larry Lamb General McKee
Andrew Pleavin Frank Nielsen
Michael Byrne Elder
Colin Salmon Powell

Director Chris Nahon
Producer William Kong; Chris Thompson; Fernando Altschul; Hans Bauer
Writer Kenji Kamiyama; Katsuya Terada; Chris Chow
Cinematography Hang-Sang Poon
Musician Clint Mansell

Blood: The Last Vampire is a movie based on a halfling and samurai known as Saya (Gianna Jun). She is the daughter of a human father and a vampire mother. As a result of this, she has superhuman powers and has to survive by drinking the blood of vampires. Saya works for a government agency which destroys vampires. She is sent to an American military base in Tokyo and there she senses an opportunity to destroy Onigen (Koyuki) who is the patriarch of all vampires.

Edition Details
Barcode 5060002836507
Region Region 1
Release Date 02/11/2009
Packaging Keep Case
Layers Single Side, Single Layer
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1