DVD 136 mins IMDB 6.5
Viva (2006)
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Comedy, Action
Hong Kong  /  Cantonese

Jackie Chan Fong Ka Ho
Biao Yuen Steve Mok
Louis Koo Octopus
Yuanyuan Gao Melody
Michael Hui Landlord
Baoguo Chen The Triad Boss
Teresa Carpio Landlady
Convoy Chan Chi-Chung McDaddy
Charlene Choi Bak Yin
Feng Ku Thongs' father
Terence Yin Max
Conroy Chan Chi-Chung McDaddy
Andrew Lin Calvin

Director Benny Chan
Producer Jackie Chan; Benny Chan
Writer Jackie Chan; Kam-lun Yuen; Benny Chan

Thongs (Jackie Chan) and Octopus (Louis Koo) have a baby to care for. The problem is the baby is kidnapped. A bigger problem is the fact that both these guys are crooks. Thongs, a burglar and gambler and Octopus is a thief. The baby belongs to a wealthy family the Lee’s. A third party to the crime is Landlord (Michael Hui). He is not interested in the baby as much as the money. For him the $37 million offered by an enemy of Mr. Lee in exchange for the baby. Thongs and Octopus argue with Landlord not to go through with the deal. Both have become quite attached to him. In the end, Landlord agrees and rather than the money, they receive a lifelong friend and new jobs away from crime.

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